Commissioning a Portrait

  1. Initial meeting- Once the decision has been made to commission a portrait, I’ll meet with you in person, or via phone or video conference, whichever is most convenient for you. If an organization is commissioning the portrait on your behalf, they may also wish to have a representative present. At this meeting we’ll talk about the clothing and setting for your portrait and other specifics, as well as schedule our photoshoot. If possible, I’d like to know (and ideally, see) where the painting will be displayed as that often influences the design and framing of your painting. Afterwards, my office will send over a packet noting what we’ve discussed for your approval.
  1. Photo shoot- I will travel to your location for a digital photo shoot. My clients seem to especially enjoy this aspect of planning their portrait and I do too. At the conclusion of the photo shoot, which will take 2-3 hours, we’ll review the photos together and choose the primary reference for your portrait.

Commissioning a portrait is a rare luxury and your experience should be customized, personalized and discreet. I ensure it’s also wonderful, easy and fun.

  1. Studio visit- I’ll begin your portrait in my studio, and you will have the opportunity to see it and approve it in various stages as it progresses. When your painting is approximately half finished, I’d love for you to visit my studio to view your portrait in progress. This is not a requirement, but it’s a great opportunity to make adjustments working from life. At this time, we’ll choose your custom frame and it will be ordered and built so that your finished portrait can be delivered framed.
  1. Delivery- Whenever possible I’ll deliver your finished portrait in person. If you or your organization would like to present the portrait in an unveiling, we can help arrange that. Completion is generally 6-12 months from initial meeting to delivery.

Sizes and Fees

Portraits in oil are generally life-size and the canvas size relates to the size of the portrait, but I’ll gladly discuss your needs. Please contact me for more information and specific pricing for your project.