Point of View

Things made by hand are rare in our world.

Ralph Lauren

Portraits have mystique and a rich heritage. For hundreds of years a portrait has been unsurpassed as the ultimate luxury–a rare and enduring connection between the sitter and future generations. The most fascinating paintings in history are portraits. The painting of the Italian noblewoman Lisa del Giocondo, Leonardo Davinci’s Mona Lisa, has fascinated the world for over 500 years. In our fast-paced digital world, a portrait in oil endures.

My interest in painting your portrait is to share your enduring story.

You may not realize how interesting you are (most people don’t), or that your enigmatic smile, or slight lift of an eyebrow speaks volumes.  The tilt of your head—recognized immediately by your friends, your direct gaze or pensive glance; or the way you make room for the dog by your feet or in your chair; your choice of clothes and jewelry; the flowers, books and artifacts with which you surround yourself—these characteristics are uniquely you. With an attention to detail and an eye for what is beautiful, my aim is to create a painting that will capture who you are, and mesmerize viewers for centuries to come.

Here’s what I know for sure—If I’m fascinated with your story, then your family, friends and those who come after us will be enthralled with it too. I’m convinced, actually, that this is what makes a great portrait. I’m dedicated to the idea that future generations who see your portrait will feel your depth and dignity, sense your intelligence, know your exuberance, kindness, grace, and sense of humor. They’ll see your sparkle, your quiet patience, your barely contained energy or your stalwart resolution. I want them to know you in 200 years, and to pique their curiosity about you. Along with quality, it’s the underlying prinicipal of my work.

We create your portrait together–I put the paint on the canvas, but you’ve been the artist of your life, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to help you share a part of your legacy.

Let’s paint something together.

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